Knit Short Film Trailer

The urban legend of the Old Knitty - a spirit who haunts the live streams of a popular video app - pays a terrifying visit to a teenage girl named Katie, and grants her wish to be an only child.


But Katie gets more than she bargained for when she receives a knitted gift from Knitty herself, and she soon learns this vengeful spirit has a much darker intent than Katie could have ever, possibly imagined. 

More Time Short Film Trailer

Millions of people lose loved ones unexpectedly every year. When this happens people experience a tremendous amount of grief and pain that can take a lifetime to heal. If we only had a little more time...


Our story centers around Thomas. As he deals with a personal crisis, both monetary and emotional, he must also mend a strained relationship with his parents, namely his father, Jack.  On a cold winter day, while walking his dog, Timber, Thomas encounters Jack, sitting on an old, abandoned bench. What follows is an important life lesson - that the power of love can heal all wounds. And that intimate moment shared together on the bench will last an eternity.