Dramatic Short “Day Crosser” to be filmed in Arizona dealing with the important and sensitive topics of migrants, militia and mercy.

Story By Greg Leib

Screenplay by

Andy Kumpon

Produced by

Gary Malick

Day Crosser.jpg

KillerBeam Entertainment looks to shoot our dramatic short film “Day Crosser” sometime in the fall of 2019. Yet to be cast, Day Crosser will utilize all local talent and crew, and looks to film primarily in Arivaca and Pima counties the great state of Arizona.

The story will center around a poor, migrant farming family from Mexico, looking to escape the ruthless violence of the drug cartels. With a child on the way, the couple hopes to start a new life in America – free from the fear and retribution by local crime lords. A parallel storyline will focus on a recently discharged Afghanistan veteran suffering from PTSD and his own journey for normalcy for his wife and young daughter. After he is rejected for a career as a border patrol guard, he’s persuaded to join a local militia group headed by a retired LAPD police officer with a questionable past. When these opposite worlds meet on a hot, desert mountainside overlooking the Arizona border, tragedy ensues… followed by an empathetic display of humanity.


“Day Crosser” will examine the different perspectives with a very real and humanistic approach through the eyes of the characters and their true-to-life stories.